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整个医疗保健行业的市场整合 on the rise. 你的组织是否处于应对这些问题的最佳位置 合并、收购和合伙的持续趋势?

ECG’s Mergers, Acquisitions, 和伙伴关系实践为医院提供全面的交易咨询巴黎人官方app支持, health systems, single-specialty and multispecialty physician groups, and other healthcare services providers across the US, 帮助他们在追求长期战略交易和伙伴关系的过程中应对固有的复杂性. We offer hands-on, 在整个交易计划和执行过程中提供高度差异化的指导, working closely with our clients to:

  • Define their organizational goals and objectives.
  • Develop 定制的事务执行策略和方法.
  • Identify 潜在的合作伙伴/追求者组织的宇宙.
  • Lead the entirety of M&A execution work streams and process deliverables development.
  • Structure and negotiate transactional agreements.
  • Provide 评估意见和相关的财务模型/分析支持.
  • Perform comprehensive transaction due diligence.
  • Support restructuring and/or postmerger integration efforts.

We bring a pragmatic perspective to the process of M&一个咨询巴黎人官方app执行,利用我们的经验,从超过400万&仅在过去的五年里就与41个州的200多名客户签订了交易咨询协议. ECG’s M&专业人士在事务结构和执行方面提供无与伦比的专业知识, 曾就几乎每一种创新交易和/或伙伴关系结构提供咨询意见,范围从较不一体化的战略联营和合资企业到完全一体化的成员替换, mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales/dispositions.

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